• Penny Holcombe was a huge assistance to myself and my mother when my father had to be placed urgently into a nursing home. Taking my mother around personally, she allowed her to see a variety of places, and eventually they selected a very suitable nursing home for my father's last months. Penny's understanding of the complex world of nursing home admissions was fantastic, and matching a suitable nursing home to my father's situation was very good, and took much of the hassle away from us. I have passed on Care3 to many of my friends, and always been thanked for introducing them to Penny.

    Peter Buckingham
  • Our family had very specific needs for placing both our parents. Care3 listened and came back quickly with viable choices, and we were very happy with our final choice. Their work significantly assisted us in helping us navigate the confusing world of aged care at a difficult time. Their compassion and genuine interest was a wonderful support.

  • Danielle Utting has been a superb help to my aged parents (and the entire family) as she has skilfully guided us through the aged care system, turning an angst ridden topic into one that my parents were able to embrace, discuss and make quality decisions about. Upon first meeting my parents, Danielle's understanding of their needs was obvious and her calm, respectful and professional manner immediately put them at ease. With Danielle's help, my parents moved into an aged care property that is ideally suited to them and where they are both extremely happy. I cannot thank Danielle enough and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance with aged care.

    Michael Corcoran