Care3 Services

A private case management and  aged care placement service, Care3 delivers solutions for older people wanting to stay at home or during a time of transition into residential care.

Case management is a collaborative process involving the client, their family or nominated representatives and sometimes multiple providers. We provide you with a single  point of contact for services required, and our case management is offered on a short term or ongoing basis. Our team will assess, plan, identify, engage, facilitate and advocate for options and services to meet each person’s particular health and lifestyle needs. We’ll simplify the process for you and find a solution.

Our aged care placement service consults with older person and families on the process of admission to residential care. We’ll discuss the likely costs, your preferred location and provide you with a shortlist of facilities to visit. We’ll also follow up with your preferred facilities until a vacancy occurs, negotiate with then and support you during the transition process.

Advanced Care Planning/Directive – is provided by our qualified advanced care planner, who can discuss and document your future care requests.

Aged care services need to be flexible to adapt to your changing needs. The Care3 team is with you all the way to monitor and advocate on your behalf, and to adjust service delivery if health and lifestyle needs change.

As we are not affiliated with any particular service provider, we’ll objectively assist you to negotiate the vast array of government, not-for-profit and private services. You’ll receive unbiased advice and considered management strategies to best suit your individual health, wellbeing and lifestyle requirements.