Why NOW might be the time to focus on planning for your Ageing Parent

So we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic. You may have finally sat down at your makeshift home office to work, somehow adjusting as best you can to the directive to stay home. You have got yourself sorted, worked your way through the myriad of issues to support your staff. You may be sharing your space at home with a partner, teenagers or kids and have created some semblance of a new routine.

The call to action for all of us to stay home may bring into sharp focus the needs of an ageing parent/relative in your life. You may know they have areas in their life they find hard to manage, but are fiercely independent and don’t talk about it. You may have tried to talk about these concerns but they are met with great resistance.

Our current situation requires us to connect and support each other in a more conscious and deliberate way. This provides the opportunity to talk with older family members regarding the details of how we go about these day-to-day activities and make a plan for how to manage them.

Conversations that were previously avoided can now be broached.

In some ways time is standing still, and for many of us this can provide the perfect time to do some reflection and planning. I suggest now is a perfect time to get some discussions underway and medium longer term planning done for your aging parent/s, whether it be for help at home or residential aged care.

As we are all aware COVID-19 puts the older people in our community at greater risk of harm. If you have an older person in your life that you support and need to talk through how this support can be provided at the present time please call me on 0403797370 or email to danielle@care3.com.au